The Outlook for Agriculture and Rural Development in the Americas: A Perspective on Latin America and the Caribbean


  • family agriculture

    Risk management for family agriculture in LAC (2015)

    This bulletin focuses on family farming not only because of its economic importance in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) but also because family farming reflects some of the least favorable social, economic, and production conditions in the region; for that reason, it is most vulnerable to loss.

  • short food supply chain

    Short food supply chain as an alternative for promoting family agriculture (2014)

    This bulletin describes some specific experiences with short food supply chains, both in Latin America and in other parts of the world, which have made it possible to identify success factors and lessons learned.

  • volatile food prices

    The response of Latin America and the Caribbean to higher and volatile food prices and opportunities for regional cooperation (2012)

    Since the end of 2010, the volatility of commodities prices has become a key concern for policymakers. This is combined with uncertainty over the possibility of a new global economic crisis due to the recent macroeconomic shocks experienced in various European countries and the United States.